Our curriculum is based on the theory of multiple intelligences. We indulge and expose the child to a variety of multiple intelligence based activities all through the week. We focus on the Eight Intelligences that already exist in a child : Interpersonal; Intrapersonal; Linguistic; Naturalist; Logical; Visual; Musical and Bodily Kinesthetic. These 8 intelligences are mapped in a conceptualized manner through daily observations done by the teacher. We ease the learning in the form of fun-based activities right from the time child enters the school, till the ‘pick up card time’ when the child leaves for home.

We focus on the Eight Intelligences that already exist in a child

Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence

  • Has a strong acumen for reading, writing and telling stories.
  • Gives good explanations and can articulate well through vocabulary.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills, especially in mathematics.
  • Curious about how things work.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

  • Able to recall visual details.
  • Skilled at visual recognition, such as by completing puzzles easily or recognizing graphical patterns.
  • Enjoys creating and engaging with visual arts.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

  • Generally good at sports or dancing, and skills that require dexterity, or the body in some way.
  • Enjoys creating things with their hands, and physically touching objects.

Musical Intelligence

  • Understands their ‘world’ through traits that music requires, such as rhythms, patterns, compositions, and so on.
  • Generally good at picking up instrument skills.
  • Easily recognizes musical patterns and tones, especially when sounds are off-key.
  • Sensitive to sound, and responds emotionally to music.

Interpersonal Intelligence

  • Able to empathize with others.
  • Able to recognize the moods and inner feelings of those around them.
  • Enjoys helping others with problem-solving, or by being a good listener and understander of what they’re experiencing.
  • Develops healthy relationships, and enjoys people.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

  • Shows independence and individuality in their work and personal life.
  • Can express how they are feeling, and are generally aware of what is going on inside them, emotionally and psychologically (considering that some life situations can create inner ‘confusions’ for many people).

Naturalistic Intelligence

  • Enjoys learning about plants and animals.
  • Enjoys playing in water or with pets and bugs, and generally enjoys all things outdoors.
  • Passionate about nature conservation efforts.